Request Shake It Up gifs


Hi! Thanks for reading this! Let me answer a few questions!

Q: What is this?

A: This is a request blog. Request a gif from Shake it Up here!

Q: How do I submit my request?

A: Drop it by the askbox. I don’t make the ones that are repeated!

Q: Why didn’t you update the blog?

A: Sometimes, school gets in the way, my homework keep piling up! I also have various blogs to run and I simply can’t make the confessions. My internet can be slow at times too!

Q: What is your personal tumblr?

A: Check the sidebar, I’ve put the link there!

Q: Can you give me links to other Shake It Up related blogs?

A: Currently making one! If you’re a Shake It Up specified blog, please shoot me a message!

Q: Should I like or reblog the gifs if I’m using them?

A: You can! But it’s not a must, I just don’t want people to claim the gifs as their own.

Q: Why is your icon Tinka?

A: The Heffer in the Hessenheffer is plain awesome.

I’m sorry if I wasted your time by making you read this.
Best Regards! :))))